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Ralitza represents a 100% Romanian brand of hand crafted accessories, made exclusively in the workshop of its creator, Marieta Kojanov, who combines the experience of over 20 years in the art of handicraft tailoring with the Italian style and the British classic.

With love for this noble profession, with passion for style and the dedication with which creates special accessories, she manage to make the Ralitza Workshop the only manufacturer of handcrafted caps, covering a large range of models, from the classic to the most exclusive.

All the accessories are handmade, using high-quality fabrics from selected suppliers in Italy and the UK.

The collections have a unique, modern design, being recognized by authenticity, attention for details and the outstanding quality of handmade work.

Ralitza’s accessories are part of the heritage we have from previous generations which we want to pass into the future.

Marieta Kojanov
Fashion designer