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Easter Fair - Traditions and Holidays Flowers

Ralitza Workshop invites you on April 20 at the biggest Easter Fair in the capital!The City Hall of Bucharest, through the Creart - the Center for Creation, Art and Tradition ...

Report DIGI 24 - Romania Fast Forward

No competition in Romania.Their men's products have conquered the West.From the banana hat, a couple of entrepreneurs managed to do a business that went beyond the borders of ...

Ralitza: The cap is ready! along with Free Magazine

In 2013, Marieta Kojanov and Dan Govella create:"RALITZA TAILORING"Unique creations to order.Models like FlatCap, Gavroche, Newsboy, Gatsby, Riding, Deerstalker (Sherlock Holm...

Fashion at Pitti Uomo A / W 2018

The Ralitza Tailoring Accessories presented at the 93th edition of the Pitti Uomo, caps, scarves, laces, lapel pins and shirt buttons have scrolled on the streets of Florence ...

Animal Print - Ralitza Limited Edition Collection

You have to have some courage to wear animal print.But first, let's go back and recapitulate: animal print was not (unfortunately) just a print on a piece of material. But it ...

Ralitza Workshop at the Bucharest Fair

The Ralitza Tailoring Workshop participates between 30.11.2018 - 26.12.2018 at the Christmas Market Bucharest - Constitution Square.If you want to enjoy a pleasant atmosphere,...

Tweed Fabric Suitable for Autumn - Winter

The name of the cloth was Twill or Tweel.It is a harsh, waterproof and durable fabric.Easily understandable, it bears the appreciation and recognition of the English and Scots...

II Clubul Pasinatilor De Sepci

II° Clubul pasionaților de șepci Un prim pas către o comunitate a oamenilor care înțeleg aceste accesorii, pentru bărbați si femeile cu anumite pasiuni și un respect pent...

Atelierul Ralitza vă invita ”La pas pe Calea Victoriei"

O noua colectie realizata special pentru acest eveniment, va asteapta pe 2 - 3 Septembrie, pe Calea Victoriei. O colecție care se adresează celor care doresc să se simtă ...

Clubul Pasionatilor De Şepci

Ralitza Tailoring vă invită la a doua ediție a ”Clubului pasionaților de șepci”, un eveniment care își propune să aducă în actualitate un accesoriu al anilor ’20, șepcile. M...

Concursul De Eleganta Sinaia 2018

Ralitza Tailoring sponsor la Concursul de Eleganta Sinaia Sâmbătă, 30 iunie 2018, la Castelul Peleș, va avea loc la ora 12.00 parada de prezentare a automobilelor de epocă ...

Ralitza Tailoring to Pitti Immagine Uomo 94

Pitti Immagine Uomo, editia 94, va avea loc in perioada 12 - 15 IUNIE , 2018, la Florenta, Italia. Evenimentul este dedicat promovarii industriei modei la nivel mondial, ...

Atelierul Ralitza la Targul Traditii si Flori de Sarbatori 2018

Atelierul Ralitza va invita la Targul Traditii si Flori de Sarbatori 2018!!!Pentru 10 zile, Atelierul Ralitza, se alatura mesterilor si artizanilor de obiecte lucrate manual, ...

Ralitza alaturi de creatori consacrati la Monte Carlo

25 - 26 Mai 2018, creatiile Ralitza prezente la Monte Carlo !!!Participăm cu accesoriile Ralitza la o noua ediție ,,Meeting Artisans & Excellence", organizată de Club Dand...

The jabot from the Ralitza Jabot's Collection

The Jabul appeared for the first time in the 17th century, in France, as the clothing component of the costume. We find it in the United Kingdom (1837 - 1901), known as the Vi...

Spring / Summer Collection '18

A collection of accessories created specifically for women in our lives. Tweed, tartan ribbon, herringbone, traditional fabrics and a beautiful history, were chosen to make th...

Ralitza Tailoring Accessories at the 2018 Bicycle Saloon

Ralitza Tailoring attends the 2018 Cycling Salon February 27, 2018 - Ralitza Tailoring begins the series of events this year with the participation in the 2018 Bicycle Salon. ...

Luxury Ralitza Collection 2017

The Luxury Ralitza Collection was created for those who love accessories, those who know that by choosing a Ralitza product they can easily create a perfect outfit, acce...

Voile of the Ralitza Voileale Collection

This charming, chic and romantic accessory first appeared in the late 1920s. It is said that the "mother" of hats, Caroline Reboux, had this idea, along with the inventive sea...

Basque From The Ralitza Basket Collection

Basque is inspired by shepherds living on both sides of the Pyrenees, southern France and northern Spain. Little is known about the origins of the Basque peoples, and in the S...

Piiti Immagine Uomo 93

Pitti Immagine Uomo The most important event for men with style and personality.We are also participating in the Pitti Uomo 93 event, an event dedicated to promoting the globa...

Club Dandy - Grand Hotel Baglioni Florenta Italia

It is a great honor for us to be included in the top 50 Club Dandy Italia. This first edition takes place the day before Pitti Uomo 93, 08.01.2018 at Grand Hotel Baglioni in F...

Christmas Fair Bucharest 2017

In December, Ralitza Tailoring Workshop writes a new winter story at the Christmas fair of Bucharest. This year, we have prepared for the Christmas Market 2017, a special coll...

Ralitza Tailoring sponsor at the Sinaia Elegance Competition

Together with His Highness Princess Maria, Ralitza Tailoring sponsors the Sinaia Elegance Contest, a historic events event organized by Retromobil Club Romania under the High ...

Sinaia Elegance Contest 2017

Sinaia Elegance Contest, an event dedicated to the Age cars, organized by Retromobil Club Romania, under the High Patronage of His Majesty King Michael I of Romania. Because t...

La Pas Pe Calea Victoriei

Ralitza Tailoring, June 3 and 4, at the second edition of the "Calea Victoriei" event, which transforms the segment from the entrance from Victoriei Square to the intersection...

Ralitza Tailoring at SMAEB 2017

Ralitza Tailoring at SMAEB, 21-23 April 2017, Romexpo, Bucharest. A 4 * 4-auto-moto-velo & sport event that perfectly combines all the items of interest for two-, three- o...

The Elegance Competition Sinaia 2016

Classical clothing accessories Ralitza is a 100% Romanian brand of handmade accessories and shirts bespoke and made to measure. This year, Ralitza has accessed some of the cre...

People's need and things made by the hand of other people

People's greatest need is to see things done by the hand of other people. Even though there has been a revolution in series clothing and the world is increasingly technologica...


Christmas Market Bucharest Constitution Square 1-30 December 2016 Dear, December 1st is coming in fast. With great joy in the soul, we announce that this year we also live tog...

The Tie From The Ralitza Tie Collection

The first tie of the century. The seventeenth century were often made of fine fabrics, silk or cotton, called "batiste or mousseline," embroidered with lace to exterminate. In...

Cufflinks From Cufflinks Ralitza Collection

The history of cufflinks began in the 1200s when pieces of leather or string were used to tie the sleeves. Starting with a sec. the seventeenth century, the string was replace...

Lapel Pin From Ralitza Rover Pins Collection

It seems that they appeared for the first time with 2000 years behind Christ. A practical reason for wearing flowers as accessories was closely related to the fragrances they ...

Ascot Scarf From The Ascot Ralitza Scarf Collection

The Ascot scarf can be the key element in a man's wardrobe. In simple, combined colors, or simply without any model, the Ascot scarf is the basics that must not miss any man's...

Pocket From The Ralitza Pocket Collection

It is said that King Richard II of England, who reigned between 1377-1399, invented the pocket handkerchief. If we go even further, we will realize that the handkerchiefs are ...

Bow Tie From The Ralitza Collection Bow Tie

The history of the bow tie is related to Croatian mercenaries who, during the Prussian wars of the 19th century, (The 30 Year War, 1618-1648), they used pieces of cloth to tig...

Suspenders From the Ralitza Suspenders Collection

Suspenders (1820) are also known and straps Alfred Thurston. For more than two hundred years, trouser legs have been seen as an accessory that adds to the elegance of masculin...

Ralitza Tailoring Participa la Salonul Auto e Moto D'epoca

Marieta Kojanov, creator of Ralitza Tailoring, was selected to participate in the Auto Moto D'epoca, Italy. RalitzaTailoring will move for four days in Italy. The Romanian sta...

Bucket Hat From The Ralitza Hats Collection

Bucket Hat(1900). It is also known as the hat of intellectuals. Originally it was made of the tweed or canvas, traditionally worn by Irish farmers and fishermen as protection ...

Greekfish Cap From The Ralitza Caps Collection

The Greekfish or Greek Fisherman's cap is made up of a cap, hood and traditionally with a ribbon between the visor and the lid. It was first made in Athens in 1886 and is know...

Riding Cap from The Ralitza Caps Collection

Riding Cap (1829). Recently a simple hat, now the label of royal sport, Equestrian. English style article....

Gavroche Cap From The Caps Ralitza Collection

The Gavroche cap has become an extremely popular hat in Europe and the United States at the end of the century. XVIII and early sec. IX, among the working class. Subsequently ...

Flat Cap From The Caps Ralitza Collection

Sapca Plata appeared in England in the 19th century. 16th century. and is an article with influential sports, especially hunting, fishing and riding. The flat cap is known as ...

Hat Deerstalker From The Ralitza Hats Collection

Deerstalker hat first appeared in the late 1880s. It is also called the Sherlock Holmes hat because of the movie that made her famous. The main features for the Deerstalker ha...

In September we tell the stories of Bucharest 16.09-18.09.20

For three days 16.09-18.09.2016, between 11: 00-22: 00, we will recreate Bucharest on the other occasion, offering to the audience the artistic performances, the promenade mus...

Auto e Moto D'epoca Fiera Di Padova

For over 30 years, the renowned Padova Salon has been the venue for automobile culture and not only an event full of history, beauty and creativity. The section devoted to the...

Accesorie's Ralitza In The History Harley And The Davidsons

Dozens of caps, straps, and ties from the Ralitza Tailoring collection have been worn by famous actors in a Discovery Channel series. Ralitza Tailoring have prepared in detail...

Balkanic Festival 6- Gradina Uranus 144, Bucuresti, Romania

The Uranus Garden manages to capture the essence of the Bucharest urban landscape, attracting a combination of anti-thetic elements. Although it is an outdoor space where the ...

Bucharest GreenSounds Festival

The third edition of the Bucharest GreenSounds Festival will be held on the weekend August 26-28, 2016, in Herastrau Park, at Charles de Gaulle entrance. The Free Entrance Fes...

Sarbatorim Impreuna cu Voi

Acum un an, un vis devine realitate. Dorinta noastra de a fi zi de zi alaturi de clienti se concretizeaza. Reusim cu mari emotii si mult entuziasm sa deschidem primul magazi...

The Dandy Run II - White Edition

Stup Art-Fashion invites you to join us at the second edition of The Dandy Run-White Edition powered by Philips, Friday, July 15, 2016, starting at 18:30, in front of the Roma...

Golden Summer Fair Targul Designerilor BWFR

Targul designerilor BWFR- Golden Summer Fair Faceti cunostinta cu marii nostrii designeri ! A special BWFR-in the heart of Bucharest, outdoors in fresh air, right in Calea...

Retromobil Club Romania

Editia VII-a a Concursului de Eleganta Sinaia organizat de Retromobil Club Romania, in colaborare cu Primaria Orasului Sinaia si Muzeul National Peles, sub inaltul patronaj al...

Women's Festival on Matasari

Urban Festival 27/28/29 May 2016 means for us the # 6 editions of the Women on Matasari festival. Beauty, city, change. Free and creative expression. Music, theater, fashion. ...

100% Romanian Fair

Over 100 Romanian brands of clothes, jewelery, furniture, accessories, as well as cool designers and surprise events will be waiting for you on April 16, between 10.00 and 19....


The Embassy Festival is an unusual event in the Romanian cultural landscape, consisting of a series of projects that will promote the cultural diversity of different countries...

Ralitza Accessories- Shop & Workshop.

Ralitza Accessories is a masculine fashion brand in full swing. With a discreet presence on the market, but with loyal customers and top-quality products, Ralitza Accessories ...

"Traditions and Flowers of the Feast", 6th edition

The General City Hall of Bucharest through Creart - The Center for Creation, Art and Tradition invites you to celebrate Primaverii. The 6th edition of the "Traditii si Flori d...

Style and Labeling Label

We know that we can not acquire talent, ambition or knowledge depending on the style of dress we are addressing. No matter how beautiful or appropriate our attire can compensa...