Ralitza: The cap is ready! along with Free Magazine

Ralitza: The cap is ready! along with Free Magazine

In 2013, Marieta Kojanov and Dan Govella create:


Unique creations to order.

Models like FlatCap, Gavroche, Newsboy, Gatsby, Riding, Deerstalker (Sherlock Holmes), DriverCap, Fisherman, CountryFlat, KomitkaKapa, ​​BikerCaps, Pachowork, BakerCap and BucketHats are created and personally designed by Marieta Kojanov.

After just three years of being born in 2016, due to the design and quality of the used products, Ralitza has started a collaboration with Discovery Channel and has created a special collection of caps and accessories for the Harley Davidson mini series of films.

Article published in Free Magazine magazine, an ambitious project that wants to bring art, culture, territory and people into the hands of those who can appreciate and enhance them. We believe that effective communication moves from a convincing story, not just digital, but also on paper. - http://free-magazine.info/attualita/ralitza-cappello-servito/

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