Animal Print - Ralitza Limited Edition Collection

Animal Print - Ralitza Limited Edition Collection

You have to have some courage to wear animal print.

But first, let's go back and recapitulate: animal print was not (unfortunately) just a print on a piece of material. But it was, literally, a print of some ... real animal skins. Hence his obvious association with power - whoever managed to hunt the tiger or the leopard had strength, superior abilities.

"He has always been associated with kingdom, with warriors, with powerful goddesses," says Jo Weldon.

Fast-forward over the centuries and ending in the 1920s and then in the 1940s, the "animal print" pattern moves from heavy clothing to evening gowns. And in the early 1950s, pin-up girls adopted it, non-skidding, even on bathing suits and caps, etc.

Even Elizabeth Taylor is photographed with a look all animal print. And Edie Sedgwick becomes a muse that inspires Bob Dylan's 1966 hit, Leopard Skin Pill Box Hat. Leopard Skin Pill Box Hat

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