Tweed Fabric Suitable for Autumn - Winter

Tweed Fabric Suitable for Autumn - Winter

The name of the cloth was Twill or Tweel.

It is a harsh, waterproof and durable fabric.

Easily understandable, it bears the appreciation and recognition of the English and Scotsmen, some of Europe's most rampant inhabitants and, moreover, its inventors.

A fabric seller in London misunderstood the letter of a collaborator, and, believing that the name of the cloth is the same as the Tweed, presented it in the same way to the clientele. Since then, the name has remained unchanged.

One of the best-known producers, then, is Harris Tweed. In 1846, the year of famine for Scotland residents, Dunmore Countess, Catherine Murray, saw in the local looms the possibility of economic growth. It has prompted the workshop to produce more while it promotes its cloth itself among hobby-friendly aristocratic friends.

Later, to protect the Harris Tweed Orb Certification Mark, it became the first patent of its kind in the Islands, an act that testifies that the true Harris Tweed, the only one entitled to wear this name, comes exclusively from the western islands of Scotland.

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