Personal Experience

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I learned and evolved behind special brands like Bigotti, Artigiani and Massini, as head of the men's shirts department.

In 2007 I decided to start over by choosing the men's tailoring, bespoke and made to measure.

After a beautiful experience as an entrepreneur in France, I decided to leave my mark as fashion designer for men’s accessories in Romania.

I wanted to do something special and I launched the first Ralitza’s collection.

I am the first manufacturer in Romania who managed to bring back to life the caps and La Belle Epoque‘s fashion trends.

The Ralitza’s workshop is therefore surrounded by clients; many of them became friends, special people who understand the meaning of wearing these handcrafted unique accessories.

I am proud to use freely my imagination, and my experience has particularly signed all my shirts and accessories’ collections.

Marieta Kojanov
Fashion designer